sissy moan

... just another Cock craving sissy slut who loves to be exposed and humiliated.

Oh my Goddess, degraded sissy!

you are so absolutely right with really everything you say. Being a lifelong sissy myself i can only agree how important it is to be as fem as possible. And yes, in fact it’s an absolute no-go if Her Lover just might be a little bit confused about your gender - or even worse: if He might mistake you as another man around Her!

No, we sissy cuckolds simply MUST be completely feminized. And we indeed need to feel this never-ending shame and deepest humiliation about our own sissy nature since this particularly is able to hold us at our pathetic submissive place!



Extremely important

The comments about accepting you place as a sissy are important, but I disagree with the notion that there is no shame
In being a sissy.

Shame is an essential part of being a sissy.

Being a sissy is all about accepting that shame and learning to live with it every day.

From the moment you innocently try on you first pair of stockings or pantyhose you experience a shame that you did it and that you actually liked it.

The rush associated with being dressed in women’s clothes becomes so powerful that you continue to dress up despite the shame.

As you are sucked more and more into the abyss of your addiction, that shame intensifies you grow up with a fear of of being found out and the public shame and humiliation that go with it.

Somehow, by a process of constant association, the shame becomes a part of the rush.

As you start to fantasise about public exposure, the shame becomes an essential part of the turn-on. It becomes something you crave.

By the time you accept you are a sissy and will always be a sissy and gradually begin to expose yourself to the world as you sissy, there is no turning back.

Once people know - especially your friends and family - that you dress up in women’s clothing and that you slow yourself to be kept and used as a weak,emasculated, submissive and feminised chattel to another, they will always know.

The shame of being a sissy; the shame of people knowing you are a sissy - together with the simultaneous feeling of nausea and intense arousal - is there with you constantly. Every day. Forever.

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